2016 Tramjatra - 20th anniversary performance tram conducting - connie-ing Kolkata

Posted Wed 31/5/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

20th anniversary connie-ing and tram conducting Kolkata. Images of Tramjatra's Roberto D'Andrea conducting Kolkata with a new series of pro-tram tramcards, freindship tickets and a series of native animal flora and species cards to link trams to a healthy environment and clean air. 20th anniversary Tramjatra had Whole 9 Yards performing the "Storming Kolkata by Tram" play and Roberto as a performing connie. A 20th anniversary exhibition was mounted inside the the decorated tram in the advertising racks. We tracked Kolkata on all routes except B.B. Ganguly Street which is closed to trams. Roberto reflecting on 20 years of tramways friendship : Tramjatra "zindabhad zindabhad". Kolkata I've fallen into your loving arms, been magnetised by your friendship and enjoyed riding with you on your rare surviving tramcars. We've celebrated rare surviving tram tradition and decorated many a tramcar together. From Belgatchia to Brunswick, Ballygunge to Box Hill, Shambazzar to St Kilda Beach and Richmond to Rajabazzar I've loved being with you. You've harboured a critically endangered Melbourne tram conductor, given the keys to the city and allowed me to connie amongst you dressed in "toopi", tram shirt, shorts and long socks. A privilege of the highest order and how we laugh together when I try speaking in Australian accented Bengali!! I hope the collaboration and friendship helps to clear the air and give you back some blue sky. After all it's the shared love of trams, people and a healthy environment that has magnetised tramjatrans from Melbourne to join you on many a jatra. In 2016, as a part of the 20th anniversary tramjatra, Mahadeb and I started passing the Tramjatra batton onto a new and younger generation as we're getting grey and a little 'long in the tooth'. So before the final handover I reckon I've got one more tramjatra left in me, especially if we achieve what would be the greatest tramjatra tribute to the many years we've been mates by swapping trams. Yes indeed, A Melbourne Tram in Kolkata and a Kolkata Tram in Melbourne. A nice gift from Melbourne on our 25th birthday? Thanks Kolkata. Dhandabhad and Zindabhad!