2017 Indian Weekly Magazine Cover Story - IL Globo Italian language paper report Melbourne Tramjatra

Posted Thu 28/9/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

Indian Weekly Magazine Melbourne - Cover Story. Italian Language newspaer IL Globo Feature article. IL Globo, "Melbourne is a city that boasts the longest urban tramway in the world and one of the oldest existing outside of Europe. With over 250 kilometres divided into 24 tram routes, the trams carry a average of 200 million per year. The story behind Melbourne's Trams is lively and interesting, especially if we think that trams are enjoying a rebirth, with many cities around the world re-introducing them". If you are a "gunzel" (fanatics of trains or trams) or would like to know more don't miss the opening of the Melbourne Tram Museum at the old Hawthorn Depot as a part of Melbourne Open Day". Indian Weekly, "Today the festival of Tramjatra has completed 20 years. This October, Melbourne will celebrate the 21st birthday of Tramjatra. The Tramjatra tram will run for 6 months between October and April 2018. The  tram's artwork has designs from past tramjatra trams, Sundari and Gitanjali to name a few. It is a big year and what is exciting this year is we have re-engaged with the local Indian community and the artwork of the tram is designed by Lucknow born artist, Bushra Hasan.