2017 Mahadeb visits Melbourne Tram Museum - study to inform Kolkata

Posted Thu 28/9/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

MELBOURNE TRAM MUSEUM TOUR : As a part of the exchange of tramway technology and how Melbourne's presents its unique tramway heritage in the form of a museum, Mahadeb Shi, Tramjatra's documentary filmmaker had a special guided tour by Adam Chandler and Mike Ryan. Mahadeb filmed and documented the Melbourne Tram Museum experience and will take this information in the form of a study and present this to the West Bengal Transport Corporation and the Calcutta Tramways Company. In a interview Mahadeb had with the Indian Weekly magazine in Melbourne he said, "I love the tram system in Melbourne. There are trams everywhere moving on its own, not disturbing anyone, it's so nice, I want to live here and I love Melbourne people. Most Kolkatans have grown up with trams and there is alot of nostalgia and memory associated with them. I look at the tram as a benign friend"