2017 Melbourne Festival Arts Tram launch Bushra Hasan designed Tramjatra tram

Posted Wed 27/9/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

BUSHRA HASAN - TRAMJATRA tram designer, artist statement : My name is Bushra Hasan and I’m an artist and graphic designer. I have done a variety of work in India and Australia and my art is inspired by popular Indian street and tribal art. My inspiration for designing a “Tramjatra” tram comes from my love for Melbourne’s trams and the unique friendship between the tram-loving communities of Kolkata (India) and Melbourne and partnership with Melbourne trammie, Roberto D’Andrea. Tramjatra works in partnership with the Calcutta Tramways Company and Government of West Bengal. Tramjatra has a rich history of engaging Victoria’s Indian diaspora reflecting years of collaboration between Melbourne and Kolkata. This tram design honours the tramways relationship betweenKolkata and Melbourne. The first friendship tram was launched from Belgatchia Depot in October 1996. 12 trams have since been decorated in Kolkata. 2016 was the 20th anniversary of Tramjatra with a rich history of friendship, the love of trams and highlighting the environmental benefits of tramways. So, this work follows in the rich Tramjatra tradition which invites artists from both cities to design a tram. This tram’s design features some artwork from past Tramjatra trams in a new colourful form. Snapshots of ‘Bondhu’, ‘Calbourne’, ‘Sundari’, ‘Cricket’, ‘Baccha’, ‘Shared-Lung’, ‘Paribeshbandhu’ and ‘Gitanjali’. Orange-bellied Parrots next to Great Indian Hornbills. I believe that the Indian diaspora of greater Melbourne will respond very positively to the messages conveyed through this design. I’m excited by the prospect of inviting peoples from our culturally diverse communities to come together onboard a Melbourne Festival Tramjatra tram.