20th Anniversary Tramjatra - decorating CTC - WBTC tram 247 at the Nonapukur Workshops

Posted Wed 17/5/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

In traditional fashion after arriving in Kolkata for a new Melbourne - Kolkata Tramjatra we head to the  head office of the Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC) at their in central Kolkata near BBD Bagh. Mahadeb is due to arrive tommorrow so I head in to meet with Shri Nilanjan Sandilya, Managing Director of the CTC which has joined with the government run buses and is now called the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC). Presenting what we'd like to do for the 20th anniversary Tramjatra through December and updates on what is happening with trams in Melbourne, Super Stops, Preston Workshops expansion and the local building of E Class Trams in Dandenong. After long discussions with a couple of servings of sweet Chai tea it's time to head to the Nonapukur Workshops to meet Works Manager Mr Ghosh and our long time tramjatra friend and head of operations Mr Rama Pada Chatterjee. We select Park Circus Tram 247 and asap will start decorating the tram at the Nonapukur Tram Workshops. 

Mr Sandilya is now the Joint Managing Director and head of the Tram Division. Love going to the CTC Head Offices in it's original central city location and reminds me of when Melbourne's Trams were run by the Melbourne and Metropolitamn Tramways Board with it's headquarters in a art deco buildinmg at 616 Little Collins Street. 

For the 1st time this Tramjatra has a social media presence via facebook I'm quite amazed how quickly the news of a 20th anniversary tramjatra spreads amongst Kolkata's tram enthusiasts. So we invite everyone to the Nonapukur Workshops to help decorate the tram 247. Men and women artists and enthusiasts like Souroshanka Maji, Anurag Mitra, Priyanaka, Bipro, Ashis Mitra, Udit Gupta, Himanshu Dutta and many others join with legendary Tramjatra artist Ujjal Dhar to start decorating tram 247 with Mahadeb and I.