20th Anniversary Tramjatra Tram decoration at the Nonapukur Workshops Kolkata

Posted Wed 24/5/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

This post covers the decoration of the 20th anniversary Tramjatra tram at the Nonapukur Tram Workshops. It's the first week in December 2016 and Tramjatra for the first time in it's history has kept a active and up to date social media presence via facebook. To our surprise thanks to Craig Pico Allen who was here as a Connie in 2012 and Souroshanka Maji we connect with many tram enthusiasts, artists and tram activists. The 20th anniversary tram has Nonapukur Workshops staff like artist-trammie Ujjal Dhar joined by artists Priyanka and Bipro and enthusiats like Souroshanka, Anurag and Raunak designing and painting the tram. The design is inspired by Bushra and Roberto's art and has a mix of past designs to celebrate 20 years of tramways friendship. It's in effect out greatest hits tram. We had around 20 different people painting the tram.