Melbourne Australia : Tramjatra tram “wrap” at Essendon Depot

Posted Sat 14/10/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

Melbourne Australia : Tramjatra Tram decoration at the Essendon Tram Depot features here. Designed by Bushra Hasan in collaboration with Tramjatra's Mr Roberto we're at the Essendon Tram Depot on Wednesday October 4 for what the Melbourne Festival calls a "tram wrap". For an old time Tramjatran it was like watching a tram being 'sort of painted' and brought back memories of past tramways friendships where there's a number of people busily preparing the tram. The artwork is a story of 21 years of Tramways friendship with all the past Tramjatra trams decorated in Kolkata represented on the new Melbourne Tramjatra Tram. A 21st BIRTHDAY GREATEST HITS TRAMJATRA. Some of the wrap decorators had worked at the Preston Tram Workshops in the days when trams were painted. A summary of the tram. 1996 - Bondhu Tram - Shaking hands through the tram map of India - Australia 1997 - Calbourne Durga tram through Durga's eyes. 2001 / 2016 - Cricket tram and 20th anniversary Tramjatra Tram Kolkata. 2001 - Baccha Tram flowers and peacocks. 1997 / 2001 - Sundari Sunrise tram. 2005 - Shared Lungs "Fus Fus Bondhu'. 2012 - Paribeshbandhu tram birds 2013 - Gitanjali Tram Rabindranath Tagore and peace birds.