Tramjatra launch Thurs Oct 5 - Melbourne Festival and Minister for Arts & Creative Industries Martin

Posted Sat 14/10/17 by Roberto D'Andrea

Melbourne Australia. On Thursday October 5 the Melbourne Kolkata Tramjatra Tram was launched by the Victorian Government Minister for the Arts Martin Foley, Melbourne Festival Director Jonathan Holloway, Lucknow born artist and designer of the tram Bushra Hasan and Tramjatran Roberto D'Andrea with representatives from Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria. A sincere thanks to everyone and there was much media coverage through newspapers, radio, television and on-line. We are a part of the 2017-18 Melbourne Festival Arts Trams which will see another 7 trams launched over the next week. Bushra and I have been working together for over a year and she has designed a beautifully colourful tram that tells the story of 21 years of tramways friendship between our tram-loving cities. Her art is inspired by popular Indian street and tribal art and her inspiration for designing a “Tramjatra” tram comes from a love for Melbourne’s trams that started when visiting her sister in St Kilda where she caught many a tram, and the unique friendship between tram-loving Kolkata and Melbourne. Bushra's design-artwork was the inspiration for the 20th anniversary Tramjatra tram staged in Kolkata in December 2016. Starting out with the screening of Mahadeb's Tramjatra documentary in August as a part of the Indian Film festival Melbourne, we have once again connected with Victoria’s Indian diaspora and continued the collaboration which started back in 1996 when Bimal Maity translated the Phamnton Tram Poet, Malcome Just, tram poerty into Bengali. The tram's design honours relationship between Kolkata and Melbourne. 12 trams have been decorated in Kolkata and now our 6th tram in Melbourne. Bushra, "2016 was the 20th anniversary of Tramjatra with a rich history of friendship, the love of trams and highlighting the environmental benefits of tramways. This work follows in the rich Tramjatra tradition which invites artists from both cities to design a tram". The tram’s design features artworks and themes from past Tramjatra trams in a new colourful form. Snapshots of ‘Bondhu’, ‘Calbourne’, ‘Sundari’, ‘Cricket’, ‘Baccha’, ‘Shared-Lung’, ‘Paribeshbandhu’ and ‘Gitanjali’. Orange-bellied Parrots next to Great Indian Hornbills. The design includes the Victoria Memorial from Kolkata and Flinders Street Station from Melbourne to show our shared British Colonial heritage via architecture. For the next 6 months Melbourne's tram-loving community will be able to ride the Tramjatra tram on the No 11 West Preston and No 86 Bundoora tram lines. In Melbourne City Tramjatra will track along Collins and Bourke Streets and is stationed in the new Preston Depot - Workshops. Tramjatra thanks the Melbourne Festival, Victorian State Government, Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria and Andy Miller and Jill Morgan from Multicultural Arts Victoria who introduced Bushra to Tramjatra. Thanks also to our friendly and helpful driver, Kay from Essendon Depot who looked after everything beautifully. We have filmed the launch for the next Mahadeb Shi Tramjatra Documentary. Melbourne B Class Tram 2007 is now in the Tramjatra history books. Tramjatrans Mick Douglas, Phantom Poet Malcome Just, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Adam Mattaliano, Kevin Tierney and Craig Vesey attended with Peter Krutop filming the event. Photos by Peter Krutop, Adam Mattaliano and 5 by James Morgan from Melbourne Festival (46-HDR-Pano, R7P4772, R7P4739, 1Z6A7373 & R7P4707)....Roberto